Silvia Romero

Silvia Romero

Born in the city of Buenos Aires, she graduated as an architect from University of Buenos Aires in 1977.

In 1986, she joined the Iris No Studio in the pursue of expanding her exploration of the plastics arts.

She visited several art studios in New York where she participated in vigorous art discussions with vanguard artists.

Shortly after she collaborated in the development of bibliographic art videos. In 2000 she traveled to Brazil to participate in a meeting of international artists organized by Argentinean Catholic University (UCA).

She attended several seminars in drawing and watercolor in the National Association of Fine Arts and completed a course in sketches and drawings with Professor Carlos Terribili.

Since 1993, she is featured in both individual and collective exhibitions in museums, private galleries, cultural centers and foundations in Argentina and USA.

"Silvia Romero evokes life and energy through the chromatic universe, unsettling us and transporting us towards a conscious meditation where the vital becomes present."

Iris No, plastic artist